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Design Thinking for Fabricators



Good morning. Dr. Fab here. I am very excited about today. It’s the 3rd of July 2020. I can barely believe all that’s happened in the first half of the year. Positively the word is on a chaos vector and the rate of change is as dramatic as the chaos itself. That said I am happy to report that here at the Asylum our patients are happy, the work progresses, and the creativity flows.

So in honor of that fact, I have decided to put a large effort into content production. The posts are only part of it. The video feeds will be up soon.

The first series of posts are going to focus on “Design Thinking” and how we can apply this to the day-to-day in a small mom-and-pop fabrication business. Does it matter? How does it work? What are the benefits? What does it cost? And most importantly, How does one get started with Design Thinking? These and other questions are on set to be answered in this series I am launching today called “Design Thinking for Fabricators”.

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Very respectfully,

Dr Fab

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