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I have never really been asked to write out my approach, plan, or philosophy for management, or team leadership. So I appreciate this opportunity. A candidate that recently applied to our company asked me to write this. Any and all feedback is welcome.

That said I will be succinct in so much as every situation is unique as you well know. But at a high level, I can give you a degree of confidence in my concrete ability to lead by a few basic bullets about my approach to critical thinking and problem-solving.

1. All things are principally driven. If it violates the core beliefs of the business or others from a high level this information is direct guidance to correct living and leadership.

2. All things in business are ideally financially motivated unless they violate #1. This is a second guiding focus.

3. All things in business are not personal and it is best to work to remove self from the equation and work to factor objectively what is at stake from each individual contribution.

4. All things are generally relative and can be proportionally ratioed and rationalized mathematically according to formulae as long as 1,2,3 have been accounted for. Therefore by modification/management of the inputs to an equation, you can effectively study for an acceptable outcome…. as long as 1,2 & 3 have been first accounted for.

5. Competing objectives are (generally) in direct competition with Biblical and Constructive teamwork, all team members that understand membership to a mastermind… a hive mind if you will… are entering with the purpose to work towards like-mindedness and conceptually cooperation… This is contractual. Any extreme deviation from participation in a constructive process is in violation of the trust and contract for the good of the group. This is not to say that controls and mechanisms are not in place for problem-solving but that the process is generally constructive and forward-thinking, positively biased, and concentrically aligned with the vision of the company.

Be well, Be safe, Be Kind

– Jamie aka Dr. Fab




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