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STEM-REFACTORED: Perhaps a new direction for humanity.



Good morning,

Foundation: STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. I love this video. I think it’s paramount. Empirical data suggests that integrated learning strategies like this work because the human brain is wired this way. It’s why we cannot argue about nurture vs. nature. Essentially both of these are arguments for explaining people as the consequence of their cumulative experiences.

A short video explaining STEM is recommended.

Maybe one of the most important short videos on the net today. Spread the word. Yes, it’s out there, but is it your focus? Do you take this lesson home? What if we approached the morality equation (read: problem) this way?

STEM-REFACTORED: Perhaps a new direction on behavioral education/training.


– By definition the science or study of the origin, development, organization, and functioning of human society; the science of the fundamental laws of social relations, institutions, etc.


– Is this not both nature & nurture? Is integration an available option culturally when empathy is integrated?


– Can this be learned? Can someone be trained to be empathic? Is this not a type of Emotional Intelligence? Some argue that this is involuntary and uncontrollable. And in many cases, this is observed and documented. Sometimes my emotions are so powerful that I cannot help but let them consume me. But can we teach children empathy, as a skill?

– Is this essentially another “Quotient” e.g. “I.Q.”…

– Can we move away from the “Quotient” mindset as a society and imagine that “integrated learning” is essentially key to our survival? Is this integration possible at a low level? Why isn’t this built-in?


– Morality is not automatic. You are not born good or evil. And honestly, this should be a “core science” and be integrated into our learning systems at a very low level.

– We are failing to educate children on morality, simply put, we are failing to teach them right from wrong.

– Who decides what is right and what is wrong? Is there a system?

– Where are the foundational truths.. the fundamental laws of mankind? e.g. “The Ten Commandments” (do not mistake this as a push or mandate for the CCWV, “Comprehensive Christian World View”, one that I subscribe to. Instead, imagine that as a society we need a “Globally agreed upon social constitution” that effectively guides humanity towards moral correctness.


Conceptually, as is the case with the STEM approach in the video we can implement real change in human behavior with the same kind of integrated approach to teaching behavioral sciences/theology.


Why do we fail to execute on opportunities of this magnitude? Why do we as a global community continue to let the minority less than 3% of humanity control our direction and influence the minds of children to embrace hate, greed, and conflict? What do you think about this idea? How can you help me improve it? Implement It? Expand it? I am really thinking about starting something big along this line of thinking.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our house to yours.

James Beine & Family


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