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Below is the tip of the week. It’s dictionary time folks!


Learn this word, think about this word, build it into your process. Be this word. It is the essence of our work, it serves us every day in every way to understand the person on the other end of the connection.
From the 7 Habits, we learned that one must first seek to understand before attempting to be understood. In this masterwork, Mr. Covey, explains in Habit 5 the benefits and the gains of ineffective communication that come from a simple method of building rapport with the people in our lives.
Yes, I said it. The people we speak to on the phone ARE in our lives. They are people and their success or failure is our success or failure too. Now at this point, you are probably thinking I am off the reservation- because some people are just going to mess up* and there is no way in h e double hockey stick– we are going to take responsibility for their failure. And I guess that leads us to the real issue. Perspective. Understanding. Rapport. Maybe the real reason for failure isn’t as obvious or simple as it seems at first glance.
The tip of the week: Build Rapport, and read, and re-read Covey’s book. True success comes from helping others be successful, and really that’s a huge part of recruiting.

Thanks for reading!

rap·portraˈpôr,rəˈpôr/ noun

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