A quick update on the series: Design Thinking for Fabricators

A quick update on the series: Design Thinking for Fabricators

Good morning from the Asylum. Dr Fab here. So the writing of this Series has evolved from a few simple posts of Q&A to something bigger. It's very cool but its taking longer than I expected. I think I will have to trickle the information to you and then assemble it into the larger documents later. It's set to be a 5 part series covering the process pretty much step by step in context for small fabrication shops to be enabled to implement design thinking in the day to day work.

So, with apologies delayed for the slow content production, I am still highly committed to this blog and providing great value. And something else too. We are redefining what "insane" is. More on that later.

What does the word empathize mean? What is an empathy map? (pictured above is a simple layout) Why is it the first stage of design thinking? Why does it matter? Is it the most important part? When does a small fabrication shop need to think about empathy? Does empathy stop after you have captured the details of what you think you will make for your customer? When do you move one from the empathy stage to "define"?

All great questions. These are some of the questions we will answer in Part One. Stay tuned.

Have a blessed day!

-Dr Fab

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