Admission to The Asylum

Admission to The Asylum

Good morning everyone. Dr. Fab here. When you are admitted to the Asylum, nothing can prepare you for the experience. No other fabrication company connects you with the process like we do. At Fabricated Insanity our software systems and technology connect you to our creative process and you are fully involved. The integration of you "The Patient" is paramount to understanding what goes on here. The care ("services") you receive are leveled at understanding your condition ("requirements") and treatment ("service plan"). ***

*** Most insurance plans accepted, subject to credit approval, acceptance of our treatment plan. All business is conducted in writing. Terms and conditions apply. Expect side effects to treatment, which may include extreme contentment, financial savings, euphoria, ecstasy, intense excitement, fantasies, dream-states, creative energy, more time, and an exceptional outcome.

Safety is first at the Asylum and we are please to report that no accidents or deaths have occurred at our facility and patient satisfaction is at 100%.

Please contact me today with the details of your condition and we will set an appointment for diagnosis.

Dr Fab

Call 727-277-1998 or Email or set an appointment at

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