Can You Weld In The Rain?

Can You Weld In The Rain?

So it's actually a pretty rainy day here in Hudson, FL. And I had this interesting thought regarding welding in bad weather. Is it possible? Is it Legal?

Some digging and I quickly found this...

Here is a decent article with the basic common sense stuff.

My two cents? Ok, you asked for it.

It's established that it can be done, has been done, will be done, and occasionally needs to be done. But for the sake of this post... my answer is status quo... just like any welding or fabrication process preparation and a good dose of common sense go a long way. Think before you do. And use care to protect others, yourself, your equipment, and your work. And if the conditions are bad its best to wait if you can, fix whatever is wrong, and or mitigate the dangers.

I love the concepts around RISK ASSESSMENT and RISK MANAGEMENT. We used many different processes at Halliburton for SAFETY in the Oil Fields of Saudi Arabia. Conditions in this environment were Hostile, to put it mildly. But the point here is to have a cognitive and comprehensive approach to Protection as described above. I may do a series of posts in this category of thought and try to compile some resources that will help if you find yourself working in hazardous conditions.

Have a wonderful day!




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  • Thank you Jamie! I have no doubt Fabricated Insanity is going to be a huge success for you. Your experience and background far exceeded my needs. You saved me time, money, and most importantly to me I was able to patronize a veteran owned business. I will most certainly recommend you to anyone needing a simple weld (like me) or to anyone needing your custom fabrication skills. God Bless you for your help, your service to our country, and God Bless America!

    Jim Stevens

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