Dr Fab's Tips

Dr Fab's Tips

Hi again, Dr Fab here with a small tip with huge benefits for small fabrication businesses. If you are like us, with limited time, a budget stretched to its limits and customers knocking your door down, then you will love this tip.

So, it occurred to me last night as my friend Curt, who incidentally is also a veteran, (please do business with veteran owned businesses) , delivered the largest order of Argon to date to the Asylum. A simple tip that I was doing all along but didn't realize until now. Curt saves me time. He caters to my GAS needs, he responds at a moments notice, and services my bottles. (changes them out).

Now you're asking okay, lots of company's do that, what's the tip here? The tip is this. Yes I can run down to Airgas and get what I need and yes that is cheaper on the front side, but in reality its more expensive. Why?

Simple, I value my time. And time is the most precious resource we have as fabricators. Seldom is there enough time to go around. Paying a little extra to Curt helps him. And it saves me money, because time is money right?

So the tip, has nothing to do with GAS, BOTTLES or even which company you have saving you time. The tip is to evaluate every part of your fabrication business to find opportunities to save time, even at a small increase in your vendor costs. The time savings translates to greater productivity, focus, quality of service, and peace of mind knowing your supply chain is more automated.

May the love of God, bless you this day. -Amen.

Hope this helps you.

Dr Fab

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