Is your condition defined?

Is your condition defined?

Good morning!

Dr. Fab here coming at your from the Asylum, yes on a Saturday. I woke up with the last part of the puzzle I have been working on. My mind has been at work on an acronym that clearly represented our process. Are you ready? It’s finally done and I am excited to share it with you all.

When we get new patients the first thing we do is triage the situation and see if we can get a diagnosis and treatment plan together. This means understanding the needs of the patient and coming up with a clear plan to meet those needs. We called that STATUS – “DEFINED”. So after TRIAGE a patient is either admitted to the asylum for In-Patient services or Registered for Out-Patient, perhaps a House Call is in order. Every treatment plan is different and can range from and include one or more of these. It might help to understand how we look at this. In-Patients are CASES that are medium to large scale, while Out-Patients are cases that are small to one-off tasks, such as a minor weld or repair. Finally, HOUSE-CALL is exactly how it sounds onsite services, we come to you.

Yes the metaphorical analogy is clearly a great model for our service as we love helping our patients get well. Well is the term we use to describe the satisfactory outcome of a case. The CASE is the term we use to describe a project or set of services in a particular context. And a CONDITION is the NEED of the patient. The desired OUTCOME. So I said all this to bring you to the process which I have now coined into a new Acronym. I really like acronyms that form a real word that is also in context. There is something catchy about them and I am confident that this will stick.

Enter D.E.F.I.N.E.D.

Each letter represents a category of services. Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Innovation, Networking, Evangelizing, and Derivation. This also represents linearly a progression through our Design to Production service as described here.

  1. Design
  2. Engineer
  3. Fabrication
  4. Innovate
  5. Network
  6. Evangelize
  7. Derive

Put your thinking caps on now. If you have been a patient before you might have been issued a “thinking-cap” that matches your “straight-jacket”. If not, try to get a grip on the metaphor and play along. Your thinking CAP is your focus, and your straight-jacket is a set of constraints that guide you through a process towards wellness. If you have your thinking CAP on, proceed.

Step 1. Design

Our Design Thinking & CAD Services team leverages the best technology and above average experience to bring concrete detail to your case, we design your CUSTOM TREATMENT through a WORLD Proven system and document that plan with Parametric CAD drawings. Once your concept or requirement is completed we ask you to sign off on it before its sent to engineering to make sure we are on the way to wellness. If you need changes no problem.

Step 2. Engineer

Our Engineers then refine the Approved Design, and add the science to the plan, and create the TREATMENT, which is metaphorical again as its the process of HOW we are going to get you WELL. Your TREATMENT is evaluated for is practical requirements as well as quality, potential failure, scalability, serviceability and more. Once again we ask you to evaluate and CONSENT to TREATMENT.

Step3. Fabricate

The fabrication and production team then FOLLOW the TREAMENT PLAN. We build your prototype or production run at this step. Quality control and engineering checks are built into the process here to ensure your wellness (outcome).

Step 4. Innovate

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at the Asylum. Your wellness is just the first step. Achieving your desired outcome is just the beginning. Step 4 addresses a real neurosis most people suffer from. A mild form of Insanity. What’s the most common definition of insanity? Most agree with Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The treatment for this is INNOVATION and most people/companies are not good at it. They struggle because they are too busy working “IN” the business to be in a position to work “on” the business. Our Innovation and Patent services team provides a comprehensive service that inspires and enables your business to capitalize on ideas, your ideas and even some of ours! In short we help you grow.

Step5. Network

So, you may ask. “Why does a fabrication company offer networking services?” The founder has a background in both computer networking and technical recruiting. Networking is natural and is the lifeblood of business fundamentally. Another neurosis so to speak is a failure to network. We have proven treatments for wellness here too. Connecting IS part of wellness…it IS your business (outcome) and our core mission.

Step6. Evangelize

Now you may be thinking. “Ok wait a minute. You mean your going to market for us too?” Yes. We do not provide treatment unless we are confident the patient’s wellness can be obtained. That means that we BELEIVE in your WELLNESS (outcome/business) so much so that we always get excited about it. We automatically celebrate your wellness LOUDLY and this generates attention and more WELLNESS.

Step 7. Derive (NEW!)

Not to be confused with DRIVE (which we have a n unlimited supply), Derivation Services are just that another specific TREATMENT for another neurosis most businesses have. So what is it? It’s when we fail to see opportunities to branch and derive new business opportunities from existing business. Sometimes, more often than not we are so hyper focused on CORE competencies that we fail to diversify. Diversification is the WELLNESS we seek in this final step. And it comes from the Derivation Services team. More on this later as it’s a new service we offer.

So, thank you for your time and attention to this tour through the practical application of our work here at the Asylum. I hope you are well this day.

Be well, be safe, be kind.
Very Respectfully,
Jamie aka DR FAB

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