The start of something new!

The start of something new!

Welcome to Fabricated Insanity!... 

This is the first post of my new fabrication blog. What could be more fitting than a post about starting something new to describe a new blog about custom fabrication? So, what is FAB INSANITY anyway? Why start a new company or rather try to brand a fabrication service? What's so unique about this company? Well these are all great questions! And the plan is to start posting constantly the answers to these and other questions, the industry and how my services can help you. Everything from my unique perspective on the business to industry insights, tips, tricks and product reviews. Do's and Don'ts for STARTUP SHOPS, and MOBILE Services... Business Management and Marketing Tips for fabrication shops. The goal is to make this blog a go to resource for anyone in the business or anyone needing custom work. One of the first articles I am planning to write is a how to on selecting a fabrication service from remote, which will include details on sending your specific requirements in for estimate to multiple vendors and comparing these estimates, placing your order and managing the project. All from remote! This will help you get your fabrication project off the ground regardless of who you select to do the work. I really hope you get connected and give me the opportunity to know you better. 



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