Ten Reasons

Welcome to Fab Insanity, a cutting-edge campus comprised of several business units that work together to support innovators throughout the startup lifecycle.

Here are 10 reasons to partner with us:

  1. Our story began with our premium mobile welding and fabrication unit, which serve clients with our expertise in welding and fabrication. From there, we evolved into a full-spectrum incubator that provides clients with one-stop access to a suite of business services.
  2. Our Business Formation, Compliance, Planning and Intellectual Property Consultancy unit serves clients with the legal and regulatory aspects of starting a business, including registration, compliance, and filing requirements. Additionally, it helps clients develop and refine their business plans and strategies, providing expert guidance and support throughout the early stages of product development. It also offers expert guidance and support for clients looking to protect their intellectual property, license their inventions and grow their businesses.
  3. Our product development unit specializes in design, engineering, and fabrication of rapid prototypes and low-quantity productions, helping our clients bring their ideas to life. We offer a comprehensive design to production service that helps clients optimize their designs for mass production and provides comprehensive manufacturing services, ensuring that their products are both innovative and cost-effective.
  4. Drawing on his experience as a successful media entrepreneur, the founder of our organization recognized a growing need among innovative companies for specialized branding and marketing services. He understood that in today's digital age, a comprehensive approach was required to help these companies effectively promote their products and services and build their brand. So, he founded a new business unit dedicated to providing clients with a wide range of marketing services, including legacy, print, web, and digital multimedia marketing. The goal of this unit is to empower innovators and help them achieve their business objectives.
  5. Our modern low volume CNC machine shop provides precision machining services for clients in need of high-quality, custom-made parts.
  6. Our polymer lab is equipped with injection molding and 3D printing services, allowing our clients to create a wide range of products using advanced polymer materials.
  7. Our comprehensive electronics engineering lab provides clients with the resources and expertise they need to develop and test electronic products.
  8. Our focus on sustainable and socially responsible innovation sets us apart, as we strive to develop and promote technologies that serve the greater good.
  9. Fab Insanity is a full-spectrum incubator that offers a comprehensive range of services, including mobile welding and fabrication, business formation and compliance, business planning, intellectual property and business consultancy, disruptive and sustainable product development, design to production service, branding & marketing, CNC machine shop, polymer lab, and electronics engineering lab services, all aimed at helping our clients achieve success.
  10. All products have an industry leading limited warranty. We stand behind our work. We invest in our clients and their businesses. So that mean we own the outcome with you.
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